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RORC Caribbean 600 2017 - Blog 3

What a difference a day makes! The wind has been slowly dying and the sea state calming down in the Caribbean Sea. A bit different to bouncing up the side of Sint Maarten! The last 24 hours have seen Arthur Logic stay mainly on the same southerly heading in light north easterly breeze as they sailed past Monserrat and then the west coast of Guadeloupe. They had their beautiful S2 spinnaker up and were concentrating hard on the trim and driving and have been catching up Joanna of Cowes and the rest of the pack. They even managed to get another photo of Yellowdrama as they over took them! The camera club had a good outing for a beautiful sunset.

Co-Skipper Philippe sent his overnight report in-

We’ve had a tough tactical night with good gains on the immediate boats ahead but harsh losses to two of our rivals behind who managed to stay in the stronger breeze and so they are now ahead of us on corrected time. The wind was extremely tricky on the approach to the Isles des Saintes, ranging between 0 and 3 knots for most of the night. There are lots of tired smiles on the crew’s faces after a long night of lots of concentration to take advantage of very small puff of wind. But we did have a pod of dolphins come to play with us!

This race is challenging us in so many ways – physical and mental. We are now in a solid gradient of 6 knots which will hopefully strengthen and carry us all the way home

At 7.30am this morning Arthur rounded Les Saintes, the southernmost point of Guadeloupe, and they are now less than half a mile behind Joanna. The sunrise this morning was glorious and the gentle zephyrs of wind are propelling Arthur along nicely. 

Most of the IRC 2 fleet still have around 200nm still to go and are working their way along the bottom of Guadeloupe before turning north again to head back up to the mark of Barbuda. The winds are forecast to be around 10 knots from the east or south east and Co-Skipper Philippe said they think they should finish around lunchtime tomorrow.

All Photo Credits : Philippe Falle

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