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RORC Caribbean 600 2017 – Blog 2

Good morning Blog Watchers! Team Arthur are currently under spinnaker in 12knot of NW breeze just above Redonda and about half way about the course. It’s been a tricky 24 hours for them – mid morning yesterday saw them under a big rain squall which stayed with them for quite a while. ‘Biblical’ was Jacko’s description! Philippe sent us some great moody photos and complained that this wasn’t what the brochure said. Sorry Philippe! Poor Les and Jacko got the wettest if the photos are to be believed. By lunchtime the sun broke out and everyone could start drying out.

Arthur rounded the southern point of St Barths at midday before settling in to beat up the western side of St Maarten in a pretty rough sea state. The north westerly wind direction is unusual in this area and there is no land to get in the way for hundreds of miles so the sea state really kicks up. Jacko and Philippe had to take a slight detour from the racing line in to Phillipsburg Bay to get out of the sea state for a quick bit of boat fixing but they were quickly on their way again. By 6.30pm, they were able to bear away on to a reach down the Anguilla Channel which must have been a relief for the rail crew who were probably bored of the waves! Arthur was at Tintamerre, the most northern part of the course, at 8pm and able to bear away further and get the spinnaker up on the port gybe, bring the boat more upright and hopefully have a chance for a bit of food and sleep after a busy day. They gybed on to starboard at midnight and have been on that gybe since then and heading south.

Meanwhile the class lead has been swopping back and forth between Scarlet Oyster, the brace of Grand Soleil 43s, Quokka 8 and Jua Kali,and our First 40 sistership, Joanna of Cowes – it’s a very close race! Arthur is doing a great job of catching up the time they lost yesterday evening and are still right in the thick of all the action. The wind is forecast to lighten and veer around to a more North Easterly direction this afternoon and evening so the route about bottom side of Guadeloupe and the associated wind shadow is going to be important. Jacko called in to report that morale is high and everyone is pushing hard. This is nail biting stuff!

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