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ARC 2016 - Blog 11 - Nearly there!

Arthur and Joanna are in to their last few days at sea! Here's this mornings blog from Kit on Arthur-

Two thousand three hundred nautical miles. That's the distance that has passed under the keel of Arthur Logic since leaving Las Palmas

More importantly, it's marked a turning point in our mileage countdown and we're now well into three figure miles as we close in on Rodney Bay. So we thought now would be the perfect moment to survey the crew and discover the one thing - other people aside - that they're most looking forward to on arrival.

As supplies dwindle on Arthur Logic, our crew of discerning taste inevitably starts to dream of Carribbean dishes and foods which won't still be in date by the next ARC.

Our Skipper, Mike Pickering shows surprising restraint when he picks a Carribbean roti. There is a murmur of approval around the boat, unlike the sweetcorn and meatball monstrosities he claims he enjoys normally.

Phil, who's done wonders with the supplies on board, also wants to enjoy something culinary. He wants a Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings, particularly stressing the importance of fresh vegetables.

Mike Grumbridge, who has by now exhausted all the cereal choices - and furthermore all the possible combinations of those cereals, wants an honest full English breakfast. A newspaper, a strong coffee and Radio 4 in the background would not go amiss either.

Nico, the bon vivant and an enthusiastic sleeper, does not mince words when describing his choice. He wants the perfect nights sleep, but at a steep price. Brand name AC, a freshly flipped pocket-sprung mattress and the down of an army of Siberian geese.

For Jules, it's taken much deliberation, but he's settled on  rum and raisin ice cream as his strongest desire.

Bob is the most likely to get his wish soonest. He goes for a cold beer, one assumes in Spinnaker's Bar soon after Mike has crossed the finish line and left him to park the boat.

Likewise, Tanya started this trip with a Gin and Tonic in Las Palmas, and she has no intention of finishing it differently.

As for yours truly, I'm relishing the chance to stretch my legs and go for a short run in the hills of St Lucia.

It's been an incredible journey, but perhaps once we've got everything we are pining for on land, we might find ourselves in the opposite situation. I know that I'll find myself thinking enviously of the sailing we've done on those quiet, starry nights.

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