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ARC 2016 Blog 10

The ARC boats have finally been blessed with trade winds and are making great daily runs of around 170nm which they are all very happy about. So happy, they even found time to send us some blogs!
From Joanna's Skipper, James-

Day 18 today and we are under 400 miles to go this morning. Finally the trade winds are here and we are clocking up good daily runs. We have been doing between 7.5 to 10 knots consistently since yesterday so hoping for an over 200 mile run today.

All is good onboard. We got a visit from a properly dressed up Santa Claus yesterday night who lefts some chocolates for all the crew.

The sextant also made its appearance on deck yesterday during the day.

Plenty of rain squalls around last night which made driving a little harder than normal. Less of them forecast for tonight. 

And then from Arthur. Technically not a crew blog but a celebration of Sinterklaas by crew member Julian's girlfriend, Amy, who wrote a poem for us- 

From Gran Canaria noble Arthur set sail

Hoping for a blowing gale 

With Grum proudly at the helm of the ship

Enthusiastic steering soon caused a small blip 

The Dutchman meanwhile had caught a fish 

And served it up as a tasty dish 

They then found themselves in a dreaded wind hole

The answer? Skinny dipping - an Atlantic goal

And Nico scaling the mast to gaze Yonder 

With the stars on nightwatch giving the crew something to  ponder 

Sint hopes for Tanya's sake 

That the crew have given their nudity a break

Now finally the trade wind blows

Marking a turn in their fortunes and the end to Arthur's woes 

With not a scratch meal from Phil in sight [Editors Note - Phil runs a company called 'Meals from Scratch]

Jerk chicken in a can became the crew's plight 

Back on course thanks to the first mate 

Who is making sure Arthur is not late 

Along with Pickering's skippering 

And Kit doing his bit 

Arthur charges forward to the finish line

The ship's arrival will be sublime.

The team on board a happy bunch,

Eagerly awaiting their first rum punch.

In Rodney Bay, proud racer chasers wait,

With beer, steak and bunting for arrival date.

This epic journey has been no mean feat,

Vrolijke sinterklaas from Sint and Piet! 

News from the rest of the fleet is that our great friends on Scarlet Oyster have 70nm to go and should finish today and win the Racing C class. Sailing Logic regular Olz on Gordon's has 400nm to go and the girls on Hot Stuff are past halfway. Hot Stuff was hit on the start line and had to return to Las Palmas for repairs which meant they started a few days after the main fleet - they've done a great job to get fixed and catch up, nice one Hot Stuff.

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