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ARC 2016 Blog 9

The ARC boats are now well past half way and look like the trade winds are finally filling in. Arthur called us on the sat-phone last night and Skipper Mike reported that morale is high now they are moving along at a good speed and in the right direction! 

Here's the news from Joanna over the weekend (possibly written before the wind filled in...)

Since our last blog we have had some difficult nights with very light winds and rain. We had torrential rain last night which lasted for quit some time. We even spotted another ARC boat half a mile away which appeared through the rain. The forecast for yesterday night for our positions was saying 15 to 20 knots from the ESE which unfortunately never materialized. We were hoping to make some gains on the northern boats which haven't had much wind. Instead we got under 5 knots for most of the night from between the SW and NW. We ended up taking down the mainsail for about 5 hours yesterday as lack of wind and left over seas were causing severe flogging. We now have 10 knots from the NE are are making good progress again. In a few hours we will be under 1000 miles to our WPT just off St Lucia. Fingers crossed the wind will stay. St Lucia here we come...


I bet the conversation has turned to what the first drink will be when they get to St Lucia - and of course it'll be a Pina Colada!!

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