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All change!

Sharon, long-time marketer / website editor / newsletter sender / photographer and chief laminator for Sailing Logic, is taking a temporary break from our black and orange sailing world.

The lucky thing is heading to Sri Lanka for 2 months, where she will be volunteering as a marketing consultant to social enterprises via a company called _SocialStarters. We’re not at all envious! She has set up an Instagram account to share her adventures, which you can follow on sharons_travels

Commenting on this amazing forthcoming adventure, Sharon says “I am so excited! This is a great opportunity for me to take my digital marketing skills and use them to help educate entrepreneurs in a developing economy. It’s a bit daunting, but I am really looking forward to the challenge, and hopefully will learn some new skills to bring back to Sailing Logic in June.”

To cover the marketing role, regular Sailing Logic and Britannia skipper Mike Pickering who is also a highly skilled freelance digital marketing consultant, is stepping in. Mike is a familiar face on the sailing scene and knows our sailing programme inside and out – so he is perfectly positioned to combine his marketing knowledge and sailing skills. Hopefully he is also a bad hand on the laminator….

Mike adds “This is such a perfect opportunity for me. I know the boats, the skippers, the events, the courses and the timing couldn’t be better – I’ll have a summer out of London! I have freelanced for a number of digital marketing agencies and being able to work with a company I already know and love is perfect.”
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