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RORC Caribbean 600 2016 Blog 6 - Less than 50 miles to go for Lancelot II!

While the team on Arthur Logic were heading for an early bath (sorry – Full English and a Pina Colada!), Team Vancouver on Lancelot II were keeping on keeping on. Since they resumed racing at around midnight (local time) they rounded La Desirade on the south eastern corner of Guadeloupe and settled in for a long reach all the way to the North Sails mark off Barbuda for the second time this race. This is a tough leg because the sailors can actually see the finish line but have to keep on going past it!

They gybed at Barbuda at 0940 this morning and now they are on their way down to Redonda, the final turning point of the race. At the current pace they should round Redonda in the next hour or so and then they have a cheeky 30 something mile beat back to the finish line. As past crew will tell you (Trasher, I mean you!), this race saves the best for last! 

Scarlet Oyster now have a ‘comfortable’ lead of 3 miles over nearest rival EH01 and both should finish around 1600 local time (2000 GMT). Well done Scarlet – it’s been a great cat and mouse race in which I think just about everyone in the class took a turn at being top of the leader board. Team Vancouver should be in around 1930 local so keep watching the tracker and cheering them on! Northern Child will probably be the last boat to finish in IRC 2 and she is predicted to finish at around 2200. Just six hours separating a whole class after three and a half days of racing is just amazing. No wonder the whole office has been glued to the tracker app!

During today both Ballytrim and Quokka 8 had to retire with steering issues. This has been another tough 600 on gear and crews but I don’t think anyone would want it any other way – it’s what we come all this way for.

Congratulations to the American Mini Maxi Proteus who are confirmed the overall winners. No doubt lots of thirsty crews will be doing their best to drink Antigua dry of rum tonight…

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