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RORC Caribbean 600 2016 Blog 5 – Crew blog and Update from Arthur Logic

By crew member Sue on Arthur Logic:

The battle of the Sailing Logic skippers is hotter than ever! Lancelot II were just ahead of us on the water after a long hard night on the rail.  The leg from St Barths to Guadeloupe was in East – South – East wind so it was 16 hours at 45 degrees on a long 140 mile beat averaging between 8 and 10 knots. (And you weren't kidding Prue, when you said we'd need our oilies but you forgot to admit there was no air con in the cabins!) 

As we approached Guadeloupe, Lancelot II were still ahead on the water but they got caught by the wind shadow and so Arthur came out in front – wahey!!!! Lancelot II chased us down and took the inside line around Isles des Saintes. We had tacking duel to try and get them back but Lancelot II are just out in front of us. 

It remains to be seen who will take the honors in this close fought battle! 

This is why we come racing and endure the long offshore nights! There's nothing like it!

Update from Arthur Logic’s exciting night -

Skipper Ollie called us last night at midnight local time to let us know that one of the crew, Chris, was feeling unwell and so Ollie had taken the wise decision to retire from the race and seek medical help for Chris. 

Arthur was making her way upwind just off the south east corner of Guadeloupe. The boat was undamaged and there was no injury but as a precautionary measure, they arranged a medevac. Jacko and Lancelot II stood by for about until hour until help was on its way and then they resumed racing. Arthur dropped sails and made her way back to meet the rescue boat. Chris together with Mike, his friend, were transferred to the shore by a RIB. After consulting with the RORC Race Control, Arthur hoisted sail and are now on their way back to Antigua. Meanwhile, Chris was released from the hospital at 4am and now he and Mike are looking forwards to a surprise day exploring Guadeloupe before heading back to Antigua on a LIAT flight this afternoon to rejoin the rest of the Arthur crew. 

Although the Arthur crew are gutted to be out of such a super close exciting race, they are glad Chris is OK and would like to thank Jacko and the crew of Lancelot II for standing by and offering assistance. They’ll be waiting on the dock in Antigua with the cold beers!

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