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The End of an Era

Sailing Logic is today sad to announce that Allie Smith is leaving the company after 13 years at the helm.

Allie founded Sailing Logic in 2003 with two Reflex 38 yachts, Puma and Jaguar,  purchased from Clipper Ventures (where she was working at the time). Her goal was to create a pathway for people without easy access to a yacht, to learn how to race and get involved in yacht racing at a competitive level. Over the past 13 years Sailing Logic has welcomed thousands of people into the sport of yacht racing at all levels and Allie even received a special mention at the 2014 RORC Annual Dinner for her contribution to offshore racing.

Sailing Logic has done so well that now many other 'book a berth' companies have sprung up and going racing for a weekend in the Solent has never been more accessible to people of all sailing abilities.

Sailing Logic offers a robust sailing calendar featuring inshore and offshore racing, Caribbean and UK events, RYA and race training courses, mile-builders and deliveries. The aging Reflex 38’s have now been sold off to new owners and racing now takes place on shiny new Beneteau First 40 yachts.

Allie will be leaving Sailing Logic in a healthy position and in safe hands. Prue and Sharon, who most of you know, have worked with the brand for many years and will continue with the day to day running.

Allie comments "It's been a fantastic 13 years at Sailing Logic, and I've met so many lovely people. We have managed to forge a path for anyone to be able to share my passion for yacht racing and you have no idea how much pleasure that myself and the office team get from seeing crew come back in from sailing with a big smile! My best memory has to be the 10 years of consecutive success winning the RORC Sailing School Yacht of the Year – from 2005-2014.  I've made some fantastic friends over the years, from our Professional skippers and mates, coaches and crews, so choosing to leave has been such a hard decision. I'm extremely proud of what Sailing Logic has achieved since I started it and I know I'm leaving it in good hands. I'm not going far though, so I hope to see you all around and about in the Solent over the Summer!"

Sharon adds “After working with Allie for the past 6 years (crikey has it been that long already?!) I know she is one of the most genuine, hardworking people I’ve ever met. She put her heart and soul into Sailing Logic and we will all miss her.”

Those of you who know Allie will also know how hard it was for her to lose Sophie-Dog last year. As well as providing logistical support to a yacht delivery company, there is bound to be something with dogs in the near future. The smart money is on “Doggy Logic”...

You can add a message to Allie below...

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