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Professional Yachtmasters - Where are they now?

Whilst many sailing schools offer a fastrack Yachtmaster programme, Sailing Logic were the first to shake things up and offer a programme which was designed to offer various types of sailing – including racing - and guarantee work experience opportunities. Sailing Logic’s Professional Yachtmaster Development Programme (PYMDP) was designed around making each course participant a better sailor, not just getting through the required syllabus as quickly as possible.

We are proud to see that many other schools have now incorporated elements of our programme into theirs, improving the standard of tuition available.

So we thought we’d take a look at some of our PYMDP course graduates and see where they are now:

Theresa (2014)

Theresa was the first person to sign up to Sailing Logic’s PYMDP in 2014, and at the time was working in London for an events company and decided to take a career break. She had previously completed her RYA Day Skipper and chose Sailing Logic’s PYMDP as she felt it offered the most diverse experience and she was keen to gain the work experience too (just in case she fancied a permanent career change!).

Now, 18 months later, Theresa works full time for Sailing Logic / Britannia as an event manager, running many of the corporate sailing events we offer!

Theresa describes her experience; "The course was a fantastic journey taking me from having very little sailing ability to giving me many thousands of miles and a greater understanding. I got to sail with a variety of people, many of whom have become great friends and Hamble now very much feels like home.

I was apprehensive the first couple of weeks when huge tankers and cruise ships would seek me out while heading up Southampton waters but by the end the course I was happily skippering the boat around the Solent and beyond using the skills given to me to navigate safely.

I had an amazing experience on the Yachtmaster course and would recommend it to anyone who wants to become a better sailor"

At the end of the course, Theresa joined Sailing Logic’s deliveries from Hamble to the Canary Islands, as second mate which saw her log an additional 2000NM and gave her confidence a huge boost. Throughout early 2015 she worked for Britannia as first mate on a number of racing events, before joining the office full time, and regularly races on a number of yachts within the Solent at weekends.

“My life has changed considerably since doing the PYMDC. I now get to play on boats every day, am working in a role I love and get to spend my weekends racing on a high-spec carbon racing yacht! I feel very lucky and would like to say thank-you to Sailing Logic for making this happen.”

(Theresa pictured below, celebrating her birthday with her Cowes Week crew!)

Ollie (2014)

Ollie also joined the PYMDP in 2014. Even with a considerable amount of sailing experience, he joined at the start of the campaign as he was keen to cover everything from scratch and become the best possible sailor “I wasn’t looking for short-cuts. I wanted to do it properly and be the best!” he laughs, adding “I chose Sailing Logic because they were the only school to include a yacht racing component. They looked very professional, with consistently good racing results. I already knew I liked racing so being able to combine both was just perfect.”

Ollie progressed so fast through the courses that Sailing Logic offered him the opportunity to swap a week of the PYMDP with a chance to join our Round Ireland Race crew – to try and push him further and provide more challenging sailing.  With his shock of blond hair and a laid back, smiling happy personality he was an instantly popular crew member, and the skipper identified him as definite first-mate material.

Sailing Logic offered Ollie the opportunity to be first mate on the transatlantic ARC and he jumped at the chance.  He left Hamble a young lad and returned as a confident man. Throughout 2015 Ollie was a regular racing first mate for Sailing Logic – including completing a Fastnet campaign on Winston.

He has also skippered a number of corporate racing events for Britannia and is a familiar face on the local racing scene. As he works towards his Ocean Master, his sailing career is established and looking very promising - and you can expect to see him skippering more and more of the Sailing Logic race events in 2016!

(Ollie below far right - pictured with his Winston team at the end of the Fastnet, and also on the bow in the top picture, as first mate at Cowes Week)

Wayne (2015)

Wayne runs his own business and asked Sailing Logic if he we could design a bespoke version of the Professional Yachtmaster Programme – and could it include a Fastnet?!

We got our calendar and pencils out and together mapped out a plan which gave him enough time between courses to check-in at work, but provide a diverse and thorough sailing programme which would take him up to Yachtmaster Coastal.

"I have always been impressed by Sailing Logic - by how they work, the quality of people both in the office and the skippers and instructors. I have shopped around and used other sailing schools from time to time, but I keep coming back to Sailing Logic and now I am on a mission to be a positive testament to them!"

So far this summer he has embraced the mix of cruising and racing – completing the Fastnet campaign on Galahad, taking his friends to the Channel Islands on the self-skippered flotillas and passing his RYA Yachtmaster Coastal.  As we write, he is off the coast of Portugal enjoying leg 1 of the delivery from Hamble to Cascais logging about 1200 additional nautical miles. In 2016 he plans to race in Antigua Race Week and Cowes Week as well as take the final Yachtmaster Offshore exam! Whilst Wayne isn’t looking for a new career, he has certainly found a new passion!

(Wayne pictured below far left just off Finisterre, en route to Cascais)

Our PYMDP 2016 dates are now set, and if you would like to join our Professional Yachtmaster Programme, please get in touch now! 
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