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Fastnet 2015 - It's All Over

After 4 months of training, planning, preparation, learning, sailing, learning some more, finally the Rolex Fastnet 2015 campaign is all over.

It’s been brilliant.

Sailing Logic’s 3 teams of individuals on board Arthur Logic, Galahad Logic and Winston Logic have done it – they have all qualified for and competed in the famous Rolex Fastnet Race.

It wasn’t always plain sailing, and there will have been highs and lows along the way for everyone, but the jubilant smiling faces we welcomed into Plymouth speak volumes.

All three teams worked tirelessly for the 4 ½ days it took to complete the 608NM course from Cowes, around Fastnet Rock and back to Plymouth. Working as a team requires dedication and commitment – you may be tired and wet, but you still need to help out your team mates. You may not be a morning person, but you still need to get up after each watch on time to take over and let your team mates sleep.

The reward however, is you get to race alongside some of the world’s greatest sailors and fastest yachts. Several of the crews commented how humbling it was to be on the start line alongside Leopard 3, Team SCA, Phaedo 3, Spindrift 2 and other iconic racing yachts. Taking part in the same race. At the same time. How many other sports can offer you that?

Innis on Galahad commented “I’ve been following Team SCA and their around the progress in the Volvo Ocean Race, and now to be racing in the same race, on the same start line as them is just unbelievable.”

Mag, also on Galahad was beaming from ear to ear as she repeated “This has been amazing. It’s been the best week of my WHOLE life!”

Other crew have commented on how much support they have had from friends and family, almost to their surprise. One crew member described it as “You know how it is nice to feel like you have something interesting to say about your life. I feel like I am the most interesting person in my social group right now – so everyone has been following me, sending me messages of support, watching the tracker. It’s been amazing.” And another agreed “My work colleagues can’t have done any work last week judging by how much time they spent following us on the tracker, and the number of messages I got!”

Sue from Arthur described taking part as life-changing. And I think most of the crews would agree. At the end of the race the results almost don’t matter. It’s the taking part and achieving something that just a few months ago was a distant dream. About proving to yourself that you can do it. About making new friends and having a memory full to bursting with exciting new moments.

But in case you are interested, the final standings were:

Galahad Logic: 12th in Division 2A (21 in Class 2) 
Arthur Logic: 17th in Division 2B (39 in Class 2)
Winston Logic: 23rd in Division 2A (40 in Class 2)

You can watch our video highlights on our YouTube page.

Bring on Fastnet 2017

Or if you can't wait that long, consider joining one of our other 600NM events such as the RORC Caribbean 600 (Feb 2016) or Round Ireland Race (Summer 2016)

If this is something you would like to do, call us on 023 8033 0999 or come along to one of our monthly drinks in London to find out more.   

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