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Galahad Around The Rock

This morning, Galahad Logic rounded the rock! Whoop whoop!! They are the first of the Sailing Logic boats to make it around, still holding on to 20th in class.

The wind has built to 15 knots and with a an 8 knot boat speed, the crews will really feel like they are stretching their legs, able to finally get moving and get trimming! The team look happy on board, despite a few reports of wrinkly hands, blisters and other typical sailing ailments! 

First mate Jen contacted us to say that she shared a tipple with the rest of Galahad from the hip flask her crew from 2013 had given to her. She said it “brought a wee tear to my eye” to be able to remember her crew from Lion Logic and share the moment with her crew on Galahad Logic

Rounding the rock is a massive milestone in the Fastnet Race and the Galahad will now be enjoying a sense of being on the way home.

Winston Logic (in 40th) aren’t far from the rock now, and are almost exactly the same distance from the rock as Lancelot II but on a different approach line – so we will have to watch and see who steals the lead! 

Arthur Logic (43rd) have climbed a few places overnight (up from 46th) and have passed the TSS and on the final approach to the rock.   Pictured, crewman Will on spinnaker trim, it appears his broken finger isn't stopping him! 

Moscow Yachting School are also doing well on Rocket Dog 2 having gained a few places overnight - up to 34th. 

From the rest of the fleet, although Siren’s Tigress are behind Arthur on the water they are 31st in class, staying well in contention.  Scarlet Oyster (who raced for Sailing Logic in the Fastnet 2013) have had a brilliant night and moved up to 2nd in class – well done to skipper Ross and crew!  

Southern Child, who temporarily suspended racing off Plymouth to drop an injured crew off on an RNLI Lifeboat to be taken ashore, have not only resumed racing but have also just rounded the Rock – a brilliant recovery! 
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