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No Wind, Wind, Sun, Rain, Dolphins and a Rock

After the early stages of the race involved bobbing around with little momentum, sailors are being kept on their toes now!  Overnight conditions have changed from Caribbean-esque to weather more typical of the Irish Sea; overcast, windy and raining. Unlike most previous years, the delay has meant all our Fastnet crews have all rounded the rock in daylight – so the crews enjoyed the rare chance to capture a photo of themselves with the iconic rock in the background!

If rounding the Fastnet Rock, the furthest point from home wasn’t motivating enough, there have been several reports of dolphins playing with the boats.  No matter how tired you are, how much you want to sit down or sleep, the sight of dolphins is guaranteed to lift spirits, put a smile on your face and reignite any waning passion!

All of the Sailing Logic fleet have now rounded the Fastnet Rock, and it is a straight line race from the rock to the Scilly Isles at the moment. The wind angles suggest a downwind leg, but it could be a reach. Those able to hoist their kits should gain a bit of speed. At this stage sail trim will be more important than navigational tactics.

Galahad Logic are still leading the Sailing Logic fleet, maintaining 20th in class and currently showing 8.5knts.  Both the friendly ‘Not a Diamond’ Australians on Lancelot II and Winston Logic have slipped ahead of Moscow Yachting School on Rocket Dog 2 in 37th, 38th and 39th position respectively.  

Arthur Logic have maintained position in 43rd and the private bareboat charters on Merlin are 54th, and on Lancelot are 57th.

Unsurprisingly, Spindrift 2 the world’s fastest offshore boat, a 40m trimaran, was the first boat to finish. Later this year, Spindrift 2 will make an attempt at the Jules Verne Trophy, a prize for the fastest non-stop circumnavigation of the world, which was originally awarded to the first boat to complete the route in under 80 days!

In the monohull division, Comanche took line honours after a great battle with Rambler 88 right up to the finish line.  


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