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Slow Progress in the 'Slownet'

With this year's Fastnet being labelled the 'Slow'-net there isn’t a lot of news.  Most of IRC2 have successfully navigated their way around the TSS exclusion zones and are now pointing towards the rock.

The wind is still very light and lightweight boats with larger sails will be doing the best.

Galahad Logic is still leading the Sailing Logic, fleet but they have slipped back slightly to 19th in class. Class 40 Arwen has managed to creep ahead (she is a bigger boat so she should do) but no doubt Jen will be keen to keep close!

Rocket Dog 2 have slipped back slightly from 29th to 38th after they took a risk and went the other side of the Scilly’s, however, many of the boats that followed the main pack have also slipped back 10 places – so it doesn’t appear to have made a significant impact.

The tracker now confirms that Winston Logic (now 41sthas indeed overtaken Arthur Logic (now 46th), so the crews will be celebrating and frustrated respectively! Skipper Nick has taken Arthur Logic to the Northerly side of the IRC 2 fleet in search of stronger winds hoping to increase their boat speed slightly. These two boats are no doubt enjoying the rivalry! Winston is sailing almost within touching distance of Southern Child, another First 40 – having another similar boat so close is a great way to keep focussed and maintain speed.

Our other ‘friendly rivals’ include Jangle, the J122 team who did all their safety training with Sailing Logic – so far they are doing well and holding on to 11th in class. Also the Sirens Tigress on a Reflex 38, one of the all female teams competing are holding position confidently at 29th in class. 

Meanwhile, back in the office we have been busy decorating our bag-drop van which we will take to the finish at Plymouth so we can present our weary sailors with a cold beer and their bags of clean, party clothing! 

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