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Galahad develop tea-manship

Race blog from Mag Leahy, Galahad.

RORC St. Malo 2015 got off to a calm start at 9:30am on Friday 10th of July, team Galahad were focused and together. An addition of Anna to the team, bringing us to 10 for Fastnet, was seamless, she fits right in. Talented at sleeping anywhere and waking alert in seconds, she was a useful and pleasant team player. Wayne, our on board eye candy, was otherwise engaged for the race, he was missed. Looking forward to having you back. 

170 vessels approximately in the race, was exciting. A few massive yachts passed us from a different class on the run out to The Needles, resembling spacecraft, they charged by with magnificent power. Electric winches though, lazy. A few boats decided to have a little rest close to The Needles. 

The weather was beautiful with the sun setting on our starboard side later in the evening. We started with a 2 watch system (Port & Starboard), 4 hour slots, which worked better for our team. During Starboard's watch we uncovered some self propelled lobster pots racing in the other direction. A few options for explanation: mutant lobsters, secretive submarines caught in the lines, we were off our heads. 

During the evening the wind died so had about 90 minutes hovering about 0 knots. Kept fighting it, Jim made a good call on the Code 0 and soon we were off again. The night was busy with lots of boats around. An exciting helm in the darkness and good team watching. 

A successful race is lots of moments of doing the right thing. We performed a lovely letter box drop, a good spinnaker peel, and fairly consistently on all manoeuvres. Feels like our team is really gelling under great leadership. Tea-manship is key (as coined during a tea making session). Personally was below par for the race, a few seasickness sessions across the crew, but we filled and cared as a team. This is priceless, people who have your back. 

At the end of the race we had a noble battle with another boat, they had Spinnaker up and we had Code 0, they were upwind. Lasting about 40 minutes, was a real test of concentration and trimming/helming/winching team work. Will be a life lasting memory crossing the line neck in neck and about 6 meters between our sides and with 1 second difference between or noses - fun! It seems fair to mention that Innis broached us shortly before this battle commenced, but was recovered without incident. 

France was full by the time we arrived so Arthur, Lancelot II and Galahad headed to St Helier in Jersey and had a wonderful and delicious dinner at Quayside. (And funny, the no armed butterfly stroke.)


·        Jen had to go up the mast during the race to retrieve a halyard, a breath holding manoeuvre. Innis concludes she's heavier than 8 stone. 

·        Jim's calves are lovely but he gives with one hand and takes away with the other. Gybe sabotage is not acceptable!

·        Peter and Innis performed a wonderful impression of Waldorf & Tatler on the way back much to Jane's delight. 

·        Folke sleeps like a saintly and serenely presented lady, as expected. 
Jonathan's sleeping eye googles look like a bra. 

The return was not great weather, grey and rainy, but was good waves and nice wind and not too cold. Reefed when needed and high spirits and music and chatting, a lovely return.

We laid down the challenge to Arthur after the Morgan Cup and followed through this weekend (and find it amusing that they call us The G'hads). Winston, we're coming for you next - could be The Channel Race, could be The Fastnet, be prepared!

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