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ARC blog from crew member Richard

Ok boys and girls after climbing Mount Everest and the highest peaks in Holland this trip comes close as a first class experience. I've managed to bring our skipper back from near death after suffering from serious man flu but don't you guys worry I had LEMSIP which was very lucky indeed. 
We eventually put the fishing lines out Olly lost the first of which was a blue fin tuna hehe!  So out goes the lure again an hour or so later the reel goes off again and but I didn't get to it in time as I was tendering to skipper patting the sweat off his brow . 
I'm having trouble keeping Nikki from staring at me as I walk around the boat with my top of all I can say is it's not my fault I have the body of of god and look extremely like David Beckham. It's nice to see green watch (Forest Paul Giles) not leaning over the side praying any more. 
Oh just seen some dolphins and a bird but weirdly enough still can't see land though. Obviously the food has been top notch as there's an extremely good chief on board not that I should big myself up at all. Any way enough from me got to catch some rays (not the fish type the sun type). See you soon !!! 
Over and Out from me, Richard Bartlett .  
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