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ARC Day 2 - they're off!

After a 24 hour postponement, the 2014 ARC Transatlantic race is well underway now! Watch systems will have started and the crew will hopefully be settling down into their on-board routine for the next 2700 miles!

News from the fleet this morning is that our two yachts, Lancelot II and Profile Logic are favouring different tactics, with Profile heading further South and Lancelot II sticking close to the rhumb line (fastest route). Lancelot II is tracking our friends on Scarlet Oyster who had an amazing start yesterday; they were first over the line! All yachts will have their spinnakers up looking at the wind direction and their tracks.  

The fleet has split into 3 groups: those favouring the northerly route, those sticking doggedly to the rhumb line, and those heading further south favouring speed over distance.

The leading yacht in the racing division at present is British yacht ‘Island Girl’ a Dufour 45. Our yachts are 11th and 14th in their division at the moment, but there is a very long way to go! If you have any messages for the crew, please post them below and we will forward them on a daily basis!

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