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Delivery Poem

4 lovely people went to sea in a beautiful white hulled boat, 
As they left Cascais on a sunny afternoon they saw floating a poor dead goat.
At 4pm they have some gerkins, saussison and cheese,
they saw some big ships and called them to say “do you mind moving please?”
The reply was “yes” from the Captain of the Midnight Queen, 
so they carried on with their pumpkin party on Halloween.

Through the night they were quiet as mice, 
so as a reward they played the game liar dice, 
Unfortunately they have lost sight of their chums, 
So to keep up morale the boys bared their bums!
Looking forward to their hot curry, 
the winds are good, they will be in Lanzarote in a hurry!!

Blog from Sophie on Profile Logic (who appears to have gone slightly bonkers already!)
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