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A record breaking RB&I

So far there have been 5 world records broken in the Sevenstar RB&I 2014 (which must surely be a record in itself?!): 

For the competitors still racing in IRC2 there is a close battle for leadership between Relentless on Jellyfish and British Soldier. Overnight, Relentless, who had been 16 miles behind British Soldier took a more Northerly route after the Fastnet towards Penzance which was obviously very successful as they have overtaken British Soldier and established a comfortable lead on the water and on handicap. 

Saga, the only remaining yacht in IRC1 are a few miles behind, but making steady progress knowing all they need to do is complete the race. 

In the 2-handed category, Rare (crewed by Conrad a previous Sailing Logic skipper) who pulled into the Isle of Lewis to seek shelter from the gale force conditions, which obviously cost them considerable amount of time and miles and allowed the other 2-handers to get ahead, have nearly caught up again with leaders Lula Belle as they pass Fastnet Rock.  It would be incredible if they manage to get back into the lead! This morning they have reported sailing with dolphins, but feeling frustrated by the very light winds and hearing the mainsail flap about! 

With such a long race, there are always a variety of conditions experienced and durability of both yacht and crew comes into play, and there is always time for everything to change. The phrase "It isn't over till it's over" has never been truer!

Scarlet Logic are currently in the Irish Sea, almost next to Palpatine (who also retired from the race) and are almost on course to rejoin the fleet! 

They report "We left Fort William on Tuesday in the sunshine and soon swept past Mull and down the channel between Jura and Islay. Whilst we had little wind at first the scenery was spectacular, with plenty of birdlife to observe also. On Islay we passed a lifeboat station, an impressive white distillery building and an isolated lighthouse surrounded by white painted walls. The wind then built nicely from behind and we were soon averaging 9knots under poled out Jib top, later we sailed on past the Mull of Kintyre, made famous by the Paul McCartney song.

Ross was hard at work yesterday for several hours splicing ropes and Mark on various items of boat maintenance. Scarlet carries a very impressive range of toolboxes to fix any items needing repair on the move. 

Early Wednesday morning we threaded our way through two separate groups of around seven fishing vessels with nets out. The fleets were surrounded by flocks of seabirds and we added Manx Shearwater and Razorbill to our list, plus a bull Grey Seal with a long "roman" nose. 

We were delighted when a large pod of 20+ Short-beaked Common Dolphins zoomed around the bows of Scarlet, best of all there were several small young with their mothers.

The crew found time to relax with a crossword puzzle though we weren't very good at getting the names of Hollyoaks and other soap stars which seemed to be essential knowledge. Currently, we are on our way in sunshine and a chill wind to drop Iain at Dun Laoghaire in Eire to meet up with his family." 

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