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Grog & Gruel - Scarlet Logic adventure continues

Latest news from Scarlet Logic on her return home (it sounds like they are having more fun now than when they were racing!!)

"After an overnight stop at Fort Augustus on Sunday, where we had an excellent meal at The Lock Inn, we continued our stately progress through the beautiful scenery of the Caledonian least until one of the three propeller blades fell off (propeller was expertly serviced by Ross and Mark not 2 weeks ago!- Though the bit that failed is not part of the routine service we are assured!)...  It was initially thought we had fouled the prop on a rope or something, but after Mark braved the cold canal waters the reality that we had dropped a blade was revealed...  Mark was able to read off the serial number from the now two bladed prop, and within an hour a replacement prop was being manufactured in Denmark, leaving Ross a few thousand pounds lighter... then we continued even more STATELY but shakily on two blades!

Iain who is a very fit and strong serious mountain climber and part-time tri-athelete, picked up Helen and dangled her over the side, really funny at the time, but hours later could barely move with a ricked back. Simon having survived all the sailing without a bruise, smacked himself on the nose with his birdwatching binoculars and now has a bruise (...which he will try to claim was done when sailing).

Last night (Monday) most of the team took the train from Corpach, where we moored, to Fort William for dinner at the wonderfully named Grog and Gruel Inn. Ross was found standing alone outside the Inn by Simon and Helen as rest of the team had deserted en masse into a specialist whiskey shop opposite for presents to take home. Yes, some of the team actually ate Haggis and the vegetarians even had a special vegetarian Haggis!

Two of the team, Simon and Helen, (known as the "pocket watch" ...the original watch was Richard, Simon, Helen, so when Richard departed it became known as the "pocket watch") jogged the 3.75miles to the pub in 40 minutes and are now known as the "fast watch". 

All the team took the train back to Corpach, some further than others…!

Walking along the platform at Corpach, Simon with years of shepherding Duke of Edinburgh groups did a quick missing but who...Ross quickly realised it was Helen, the train doors had closed so Ross banged on the window where Helen was seated...but she was SOUND ASLEEP! We could do nothing other than wave goodbye to Helen as the train continued on its way.

Frantic looks the timetable to check where the train stopped next. Ross calls Helen on her mobile...a sleepy Helen answers the phone, "Hello it's OK, I'm on the train",  Ross, "yes, but we're NOT! So Helen had another 3 mile jog back from the next station Loch Eil Outward Bound (yes, it is called that) to the boat at Corpach.

The canal boat section of our cruise home has not been without its own perils!

Head back out to sea again today (Tuesday) to come home via Dublin to drop Iain off to join members of his family.

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