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Round Ireland - final leg!

With just 25NM to go Arthur Logic  are the next yacht due to finish in the Round Ireland race. However, yet another patch of light winds means they are crawling towards the finish line (and bar!) at just 3.5 knots.

Word from Jen, the first mate is "If there is another windhole, we might have a nervous breakdown".
Word from skipper Nick is "Me too!" 

Having started the race on Saturday, they have already been racing for over 5 days and at this rate won't finish until the early hours, normally they should be finished in 4.5 days! Such a frustrating race. 

Arthur Logic and all the crew have sailed brilliantly well although the slow race conditions means unfortunately this won't be reflected in the results, as the smaller boats with the lower handicap will benefit.

We wish we were there in Wicklow ready to welcome the team in with a cold beer - they really deserve it!

Go Arthur!!

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