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Day 4 Round Ireland update - on the move again!

Report from first mate Jen on Arthur Logic:

"So. After being stuck in what felt like a never ending windhole yesterday, and some of the crew even enjoying a quick swim, we are now surfing nicely downwind in the Atlantic. 

There is yet again between a battle at the helm - this time between Skipper Nick and Yachtmaster student Ollie - Nick was in the lead with a boat speed record of 16.2kts with Ollie a close rival on 16kts, but as I type Eeva just hit 18knots! Woohoo!

No wildlife so far today but the Irish coastline is providing beautiful scenery and the spinnaker is keeping us busy as always!

Almost at the top of Ireland, wonder how close I'll get to home [Scotland!] when we turn the corner on the other side...

Hope all is well back on land!"

The fleet has split into two groups based on who got the wind first! Arthur Logic is leading the second group on the water. Monster Project the Volvo 70 looks set to claim line honours later today although as always with a slow race, the smaller boats fare better on handicap.

Arthur Logic carefully sailed close to land (to the East), as one of the rules of light winds sailing is to sail the shortest route, although with the wind filling in from the West, it was challenging tactical call which hopefully has paid off! 

The crew will delighted to have the sails up and full of air and to be finally screaming along! 

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