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Over Halfway in Round Ireland!

Since yesterday’s update Arthur Logic have passed the halfway mark!  

Monster Project the Volvo 70 is leading on the water and heading East along the North Coast, although most of the fleet are still tacking their way up the West Coast. Judging by the wide tacking angles the breeze obviously died overnight and Arthur are currently showing a speed of just 1.9 knots.

Anyone who has raced in light airs will know how frustrating this is. The crew will have to creep softly around the boat, so as not to cause vibrations which may slow them down. In order to create a curved sail shape they will be hiking on the low side, to create heel (tipping the boat over) – this is uncomfortable and tiring. It is also very disheartening to watch bits of seaweed drift along at the same speed as you!

So the crew will undoubted be feeling tired and frustrated this morning and is need of a few puffs of breeze to get both them and the boat moving again. If you have friends and family on board now is the time to text them with encouraging messages – they will need it! Or post your comments below and we will pass them on!

A Low pressure system is approaching the North of Ireland later today which will provide some consistent breeze, and as the wind moves anticlockwise in a low this should mean a downwind leg for the teams along the N Coast of Ireland – and putting up the spinnaker will be sure to put a smile on their faces!

If you’d like to know more about how to interpret synoptic charts, book onto our Weather for Sailors Course on Saturday 5th July!

Otherwise, keep cheering for all the crew on Arthur Logic!

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