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Caribbean 600. Day 3

Day 3: Morning report.

Overnight (for us) the crews have been mainly reaching South - hopefully allowing everyone to get some well deserved rest.   EHO1 have nearly caught up Lancelot 2 on the water (again, their longer waterline length will have helped with boat speed), and for the same reason Quokka has extended her lead on Lancelot 2 - although L2 is still leading in class! 

Lancelot's co-skippers Tim Thubron and Jacko will no doubt be peering ahead in the dawn light trying to see the extent of the approaching wind shadow off Guadeloupe. This year, the RORC tracker has a stealth zone so skippers can't benefit from seeing the tracks of the earlier boats - but the race leaders don't appear to have been slowed down much, so it looks as though the wind shadow is less severe this year, meaning the shorter route could be the winning tactic this year - but we'll have to wait and see what the boats decide. All 3 skippers (of Quokka, L2 and EHO1) will be calling on their previous racing experience to try to gain a tactical advantage. 

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