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Winners of Middle Sea Coastal Race

Skippers Tim Thubron and Jim Bennett were delighted to lead the crew of Sailing Logic's Lion Logic to victory in the Rolex Middle Sea Coastal Race.

The Coastal Race is a popular feature of the Middle Sea Race, providing a great warm-up opportunity. This year the conditions for training were hot, humid and light airs although the coastal race was marked by stronger winds of 20-25 knots. 
Jim Bennett from Lion Logic winner of Middle Sea Coastal Race

This was ideal for the Reflex 38, which comes alive in such conditions. The team had met for the first time on Monday, trained together on Monday afternoon and Tuesday and were straight into the race on Wednesday!

The crew had a good start, and despite hoping to fly ‘Big Red’ the branded kite the wind strength was just too high and instead they flew a heavier weight of spinnaker.  Despite this Lion Logic certainly attracted the attention of the photographers! 
Lion Logic in Rolex Middle Sea Race. Photo by Kurt Arrigo

On the final leg of the race, Lion damaged both the heavy kite and the mainsail! Tim immediately called for the main to be dropped, and the tri-sail (storm main) was quickly hoisted! A few other yachts were pushing hard trying to catch Lion, but pushing too hard they also ripped their kites!

So despite the crew sailing the last part of the race under the tiny tri-sail they had established such a lead that no-one else managed to catch them up and they claimed 1st place Overall, with a final lead of just 50 seconds! Co-skipper Jim Bennett received the biggest cheer of the evening as he stepped up to collect the trophy on behalf of Lion Logic at the prizegiving ceremony!

Thanks to the efficient needlework of the local sail loft, Lion Logic was ready to race again in the main race. The crew got a great start, and managed to fly the Maltese spinnaker from Malta through to the Straits of Messina. Once through the straights, the wind dropped to 5 knots and the rest of the race was mainly a frustrating driftathon. 
Photo by Kurt Arrigo
Lion Logic and crew raced hard day and night for 5-days and used every opportunity to make gains, but the light airs weren’t in their favour and they didn’t manage to repeat their success of the Coastal Race. 
Crew on Lion Logic in Middle Sea race
But the crew of David, Geoff, James M, Matthew, Nick, Olivia, James R, Anna led by Tim and Jim had a fantastic time, enjoying the warm hospitality of the Royal Malta Yacht Club in both the pre-race party and the post-race Prizegiving! 
Lion Logic race crew. RMSR

Sailing Logic will be again be entering the Rolex Middle Sea Race in 2014 - so if you would like two weeks of offshore racing in shorts in the Med, and to be part of our racing crew, please get in touch!

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