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Heli Rescue Highlight

By Sylwia Jablonska, Barclays Sailing Club, racing on Profile Logic

“This was our second training weekend in the Fastnet Campaign, and the third time on the water on Sailing Logic’s Beneteau 40.7 ‘Profile Logic’ so we are becoming suitably weathered. A few crew made the Sailing Logic social on Friday, but most of us arrived on Saturday morning – and thanks to Damian missing his train into Southampton, we practiced some dry gybe runs on the pontoon. Short briefing from Pete, our skipper, and Rich, first mate, and then we were off for a full day’s training on the Solent.

We couldn’t have asked for better sailing weather - fairly steady breeze, blazing sunshine, shorts and t-shirts…hang on, where’s the Pimms?! Pete and Rich’s objective for the weekend was to train us to tack, gybe and reef with as little input from them as possible. It’s fair to say that as a crew we’ve improved throughout the weekend but perhaps not mastered everything yet! 

Heli Rescue on Profile Logic

Overnight, the Profile crew became the envy of our fellow Sailing Logic boats – we took part in the HM Coastguard heli-rescue exercise on Saturday (hopefully both the first and the last time we'll see the rescue team). We were curiously observing the helicopter from afar to then find it hovering above our boat holding a board with “67” written on it…the skipper dashed down below to speak to the helicopter crew on VHF Channel 67 and came back shouting something – we assumed it was a briefing but hardly any of us could hear a word (a good simulation of a real-life rescue scenario, I suppose). The exercise involved the HM Coastguard team member abseiling onto our boat and back into the helicopter. The whole thing took no longer than 15 minutes and, sadly, we didn’t get too many photos but the memories remain (and the feeling like you’re in a Mission Impossible movie!). Heli rescue – big TICK!

After a fairly tiring day of practicing manoeuvres, we moored up in Lymington Yacht Haven (pictured). The boys were overjoyed with the facilities and they had about six showers each! We then proceeded into the Yacht Haven for a much needed Pimms and beer. Oh, and debrief! The evening was finished off with a lip-smacking dinner in Blue Bird after which we collapsed on our bunks to enjoy some rest, briefly interrupted by a regular weekday 5:30am alarm going off (Roxy!).

To start the 2nd training day in style, we enjoyed a full English breakfast, then suitably nourished, we set off to enjoy some good breeze and practice more tacks and gybes (some controlled, some not – you know who you are!).

It was a weekend of firsts – taking part in a heli rescue exercise, our skipper in front of the shrouds and in the galley, our first crew singalong, and spotting seahorses, dogs, dragons, birds, lambs, and elephants in the clouds (can we blame the water-tank for our hallucinations?).

Other highlights were no meatballs on board or overboard (!) - we don’t understand how these are a favourite on all the other boats!! We have also started planning our Fastnet playlist (DJ Will Westie on the decks) - 10 Power Ballads at 10 to be test-driven in our the next race – the RORC Morgan Cup to Dieppe.

Can’t wait!"

The next race for all the Sailing Lgoc Fastnet Crews is the RORC Morgan Cup to Dieppe on June 28-30th.

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