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Spring Series in the bag??

Sunday was Week 5 (of 6) of the Brookes MacDonald Warsash Spring Series, and another great result from our Reflex 38 Puma Logic means it looks like Tim and crew might have secured the series win already!

Sailing Logic have won the Winter Series for the last few years - usually securing vistory before the final weekend of the series - but the Spring Series has proved an elusive trophy. Over the past 7 years we have secured a 2nd place and several 3rds (and even a 4th and 5th) but never the top spot...yet!! As the Spring Series is such a popular warm up to the season it tends to be more competitive that the Winter Series (although slightly colder usually!).

The scoring in the Spring Series allows for one discard (worst result). After a consistent series of great race results, Puma Logic's worst score is a 3rd which is the current discard, giving Puma Logic a total of 7 points so far (and a worst possible score of 10). Our closest rival, the Beneteau 40.7 Interceptor had a weekend off 2 weeks ago (so scored 17th), and then after an OCS (over the start line on the gun) this weekend they had to go back to re-start which obviously cost them valuable time, resulting in a 13th place. So after discarding their worst result, they are on a total of 17 points - 10 points behind us, and 7 points behind our worst possible score!

So that means regardless of the results next week, Interceptor cannot make up that difference - and Tim and Bella with the help of Alex D, Tanya, Matt, Jade, Mikhail, Tim P, Alice, Kitty, Rose, Alastair and Alex L (plus a few weekend helpers!) should have done enough to win the series! So it's a great reason to celebrate at our 10th Birthday party on Friday in Hamble!

This weekend had additional yachts join the fleet, which always makes the race more challenging - as there are more boats to jostle with on the start line, the mark roundings are more crowded and as well as the challenges of navigating and crew work, you also add lots of disruptive dirty air into the mix!

Chippie and Leanna on Jaguar Logic have had almost an entirely new crew at the half-way point but have been quick to assimilate them into the fantastic atmosphere on board. The crew have really gelled and become good friends off the boat as well as on board! This weekend they came joint 9 - after tying exactly to the second with another Beneteau 40.7 Playing Around - which sees them in a brilliant 5th place (out of more than 20 boats) in the series overall.

Lion Logic, which has been hosting the Introduction To Racing Course, April Race Development Course and a few corporate groups is doing incredibly well in 6th place (as she didn't race one weekend) but as she isn't racing next weekend her score will unfortunately worsen considerably.  

If you missed out on the Spring Introduction to Racing weekend, we now have an additional summer date (June 15-16)! So book on now!

Don't forget, anyone in Hamble on Friday evening - do come along and celebrate our 10th Birthday Party with us! 

Friday 26th April.
5.30pm - Banana Wharf, Port Hamble Marina
8pm - The Bugle, Hamble 

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