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ARC Under 1000 miles to go!

Now on Day 11, Scarlet Oyster our yacht for the RORC Caribbean 600 and Heineken St Maarten Regatta has just 800NM to go and is leading Racing Division B by a considerable margin! They won the ARC last year and then went on to win the Caribbean 600 - so let's hope this is a sign of things to come!!

There are still places available on Scarlet Oyster for both the RORC Caribbean 600 and Heineken St Maarten Regatta - so if you fancy being part of the action and chllaneging yourself to seomthing a bit different for 2013 - book on now!

Due to the adverse conditions at the start of the race, skipper Jacko of Sailing Logic's Lancelot 2 decided to return to shore to seek safety with most of the rest of the charter boats. The boats which didn't seek shelter (including Scarlet Oyster) are mainly ahead on the water, with the exception of Jolly Jellyfish which were forced to retire which has sadly ruined their entire Caribbean season.

Of the boats who chose to start a day later, including EHO1, Ntanda, Coyote and Diamonds are Forever, Lancelot 2 has stolen the lead and in 9th place (with 987 miles to go) is ahead of the rest of this fleet and has caught up with many of the early starters too! 

The leading boats are slowing down as they are heading into a patch of lighter winds so Lancelot 2 is closing the gap by the minute, although no-one is going to catch Scarlet Oyster

The ARC is an abosolute experience of a lifetime - and if you are interested in taking part in 2013 - contact us now! 

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