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The UK racing season has started!!

Bacon butties arranged – check; boats in the water – check; skipper confirmed – check; 16 people arrived on time – check; the first 2012 UK event done - Check!

After our fabulous 2012 Caribbean season (read all about it here if you don’t know what I mean) winning co-skipper Tim Thubron (complete with healthy tan) led this weekend’s Race Development Course, with Pete Robson skippering boat 2.

Over the 3 days the two crews learned about the interaction between the roles and how to improve overall performance by anticipating the next move and helping your team mate out. How many times has a kite hoist struggled because the sheets and guys are still tied onto the guard rail? We’ve all been there....It’s the little things which can make a big difference!

They practised and perfected kite hoists and drops, discussed mark roundings, learned about the overlap rule, identified Top 10 ways to improve performance and were seen in various pubs and restaurants...

With the sun shining and an average of 12knots of wind, the weekend couldn’t have gone better! If you missed out this time, please see the webpage here for more dates and availability.

Right – now who is up for the Warsash Spring Series?

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