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5 reasons Sailing is the Ultimate Team Building Activity

A sailing team building day is so much more than just an enjoyable day out – it actually improves team and company performance. Sailing, especially with the added twist of racing, provides the perfect environment to develop a high -performance team. Here’s how...

 1.  Breaking Down Barriers. The group team will have to work together throughout the day and to communicate regardless of their work-place hierarchy, roles and interactions. People will form bonds and speak to colleagues they may have never spoken to before! This opens the flow of communication in the workplace – leading to a more effective way of working.

 2.  Engagement. Everyone gets involved in sailing and racing the yacht. When people feel involved and included, they are more engaged in the activity, participate more actively, generate new ideas and make a positive contribution. This feeling of engagement is transferred back to the workplace.

 3.  Shared experience. A shared experience helps to create bonds between people and a feeling of getting through together. Most of your team will be probably be new to sailing, so learning together will provide a talking point for social bonding and can help create a positive and friendly working atmosphere.

4.  Common Purpose. The purpose is get the boat sailing as fast as possible – and to win the race! This provides a clear common purpose that everyone can focus on and contribute towards – and importantly, participants feel the benefit of driving an overall result than individual recognition.

5.  Supporting Each Other. Teams that have a sense of cohesion, a common goal and shared purpose are more likely to help and support each other, to help the whole team achieve success.

Organisations who use team building activities tend to have happier, more motivated employees who seek a successful business outcome over personal recognition. This creates harmonious, supportive team environments and the organisation is like to see increased productivity, less absenteeism and lower staff turnover. We work with industry leading facilitators who can add a theoretical workshop element to your day.

Team building days don’t have to cost as much as you might think – enjoy a 2-boat matched yacht racing for 16 people (in two teams of 8) for just £1600 + VAT. That’s only £100 per person for a full day (9.30am – 5pm) of sailing including lunch and refreshments throughout the day! (see a typical itinerary here)

For some industries you can join an existing Industry Regatta, or why not start your own! Or if you don't quite know where to start, please contact us.

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