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Blog from Interceptor - RORC Morgan Cup race start

Interceptor Blog:

Heading out to the start of the Morgan Cup now, can feel the atmosphere building in anticipation of the race ahead. The boat is slamming already, so I don't think we will get much sleep, and none for me having left my sleeping bag behind (all weight off the boat!). The forecast suggests a tough race with big winds and rough seas, a massive challenge for all the teams involved. But the challenge is why we go yacht racing. I have no doubt that the team on Interceptor Logic will face the challenge head on, and continue to race with the endeavor and spirit that I have seen so far this campaign. We will look for every bit of boat speed possible to come out of our trusty ship. The reward - a beer in Cherbourg!

Good Luck to all the teams.

James Wilkie (1st Mate)

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