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RORC Madeira-Cowes Race Report No 6: Cat and Mouse....

As those of us who are not racing look forward to a sunnier forecast this weekend, our courageous team aboard Puma have been having far from predictable weather so far this race. Unseasonal gales and erratic seas have made competing against the rest of the yachts quite a challenge.

At the moment, as you know, stealth Puma is playing cat and mouse with Pen Azen. We know where she is but Pen Azen doesn't. Will this matter on board the French boat? You bet it will! They will be constantly looking over their shoulders, scanning the horizon, wondering how far away or how close Puma is, knowing full well in the conditions that the yachts have faced on this return race, both yachts are quite evenly matched. Pen Azen has set sail this time with only 7 onboard which means she is at a disadvantage in heavier weather as the boat is lighter and therefore more difficult to sail and keep on course. However, in lighter airs , they should be more competitive.

The weather model shows a complicated high weather area coming up off Cape Finisterre. Light winds are shown, so tactics will prove to be very important over the next few hours. It sees that there should be some wind due North of them rather than North East, but as we all know, sometimes the wind and weather shows no respect for what the forecast says!

All is still well onboard. The team have got through the uncomfortable night on Wednesday and I would imagine that the motion of the yacht has calmed a little for them to at least cook an evening meal without it ending up in Richard's boot! (see latest blog on website). Dinner tonight is Mushroom Strogonoff with rice....
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