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Race Training 2014

Most of the Sailing Logic race events include a day of training, but to really improve your performance (or if you are new to racing!), consider one of our race training courses. Without the pressure of a race you can pause the action and ask the questions it was never a good time to ask! Our unique range of Yacht Racing courses are designed by an

Train like you Race!

In support of our racing events, Sailing Logic offers unrivalled race training courses and events for all experience levels so if you are a little rusty or looking to raise your game consider one of these popular courses.  For novice or rusty racers, join our Introduction To Racing Course. Aimed at those who can sail already but are either ne

Essential Safety Training

Before you get absorbed into the racing season, now is a great time to check if your Sea Survial and ISAF Offshore Safety certifcates are in date and consider what safety training you need to undertake. RYA Sea Survival Course Any sailor - from RYA Yachtmaster candidates, to weekend pleasure sailors to hardened offshore racers should definitely u

Which Race Training Course is right for you?

Sailing Logic are proud to offer a unique and comprehensive range of yacht training courses, but with so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. So choose which of the listed 'experience levels' best describes you, to see which of our courses you are most likely to enjoy and benefit from.  More details on eac

Introduction to Racing Course - by Elisabeth Else

"I came across the “Intro to Racing” course on Sailing Logic’s website when I was looking for something else, but I was intrigued and the thought of it kept coming back to me… A little while later, I was given some money for my birthday and that was the final push. Several of my friends race and I thought it would be nice to understand more about