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RORC Caribbean 600 - over half way

For Lancelot II and Profile Logic in the RORC Caribbean 600, dawn is rising on their last full day at sea. Both boats are predicted to finish very early tomorrow (Friday) morning. As I write this, Lancelot II is just at the south east tip of Antigua and Profile Logic is about 30 nm behind them, just off the n

RORC Caribbean 600 2015 - Day 2 Report

The hotly anticipated 2015 edition of the RORC Caribbean 600 got underway at 11am local time / 3pm Hamble time yesterday. The Multihulls started first in classic Caribbean conditions of 15 – 20 knot easterlies. The new MOD70 Phaedo 3 was a blur of day-glow green and silver as it blasted away towards Green Island on the South East corner o

RORC Caribbean 600 Training Underway

 The Lancelot II crew for the RORC Caribbean 600 consisting of two girls, a Frenchman, a Russian and four Englishman (that’s their way of describing themselves, not mine!) plus their professional crew of Chris Jackson (known to all as Jacko) and Harry Spedding all arrived in Antigua this week and have been busy training and bonding o

Adventure Sailing 2014/15

With the UK summer season coming to a close, Sailing Logic can still offer fantastic sailing experiences a little further afield... DeliveriesThroughout your delivery adventure you will be an active member of the crew, part of the watch system, helping with navigation, fully involved in the sailing and other tasks which come with longer passages,

RORC Caribbean 600 - Crew Blog from Alastair

Crew blog from Alastair W. Lancelot II Caribbean 600 2014.We met for the first time as the crew of Lancelot II the day before the off, Jacko, Tim, Alex, Ben, David, Kate, J.P., Jim, Neil, Peter and I. "Quokka is obviously the one we need to beat, they need to finish about 2 hours ahead of us to win on handicap. That's only sixteen miles so we