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A record breaking RB&I

So far there have been 5 world records broken in the Sevenstar RB&I 2014 (which must surely be a record in itself?!): For the competitors still racing in IRC2 there is a close battle for leadership between Relentless on Jellyfish and British Soldier. Overnight, Relentless, who had been 16 miles behind British Soldier took a more Northerly

Grog & Gruel - Scarlet Logic adventure continues

Latest news from Scarlet Logic on her return home (it sounds like they are having more fun now than when they were racing!!)"After an overnight stop at Fort Augustus on Sunday, where we had an excellent meal at The Lock Inn, we continued our stately progress through the beautiful scenery of the Caledonian least until one of the three

The adventure back from the Orkneys - a whale of a time!

After Scarlet Logic's injured crewman was transferred to hospital (he's now back home with his wife), Ross took the decision to abandon racing in light of serious adverse weather ahead, which has resulted in a number of other yachts also retiring.  The race tracker is still live and shows Scarlet currently in Fort William!  Simon reports

Scarlet Logic retires from RBI

Minutes after the last blog was published Ross from Scarlet Logic contacted us to inform us that a crew member has sustained a dislocated shoulder. After consultation with the coastguard Scarlet promptly diverted to the Orkeny Islands to ensure crew member Richard could receive medical attention as soon as possible - he is now recovering in hospita

Day 5 - on the way South!

Scarlet Logic and crew passed around Out Stack at Muckle Flugga at 9am this morning to a glorious morning with blue skies, puffy white cumulus clouds and a slight tinge of pink in the sky still lingering from dawn.  Muckle Flugga is actually further North than Oslo and known for being a bit chilly, so no doubt the crews will be delighted to ha