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RORC Caribbean 600 2017 - Blog 1

The 2017 edition of this amazing offshore race around nine islands in the beautiful Caribbean sea got underway at lunchtime yesterday. Arthur Logic, co-skippered by Chris ‘Jacko’ Jackson and Philippe Falle, with a multinational crew of Jane, Claire, Bradley, Les, Dmitriy, Alexander, David and Jim -  two Russians, two Irish, four Brits, an

The Sea The Sea!

Final wash-up blog from the wonderful Mags:"The Sea! The Sea!   From birth it has always drawn me, its smell, its pulse, its sound, i's taste, its constant motion. Getting tossed around in the waves, playing in the surf, swimming by the faithful stroke of a world travelled hound, sand castles on the shore, the pounding of a stormy

Wickow here we come

"magleahy: Thursday 11:45 Thankfully we are on the move. Wind speed is 7 knots and boat speed 6.5 knots with a bit of tide against us. Staying east to the Rhumb Line as we are expecting a southerly shift. Less than 50 miles as currently off Drogheda (Ground Hog Day), aiming for late tonight at Wicklow at this point and expecting to make use o

The Wind Game

Memories of the challenging high-wind conditions earlier in the race are now dim and distant as the crews on Arthur remain focussed on dealing with the here-and-now no wind problem.    As in all good offshore races, the team have faced a decision:"Wednesday 10:15 well to be sure, to be sure we are going along Carnlough off the coast of A

Operation Haribo

Latest news from Arthur..."Tuesday 17:22 A divine shift of sun and chatting whilst being quite flat and stable with the great helming of Jon and Ollie. We didn't have much to do bar a gybe with the pole. We're rested and warmed and fed so ready for the next reach. Operation Haribo is in effect. We're about to come close to Palpatine, a CPA o