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Dummies Guide to Coding

A very good question was posted on our website blog recently, asking if our yacht has to stay within 60 miles of shore on the delivery trips, how can she sail across the Atlantic in the ARC? This article attempts to explain the differences between cruising and racing safety regulations, their impact on your safety and why you should care! A const

Season update...

Sailing Logic are now stationed in our shiny new offices along with Britannia in Hamble and the first race event that Sailing Logic are running utilising Britannia’s superb First 40, Lancelot 2, is the Middle Sea Race – which has already sold out! Places are available to join us on the exciting delivery legs from the UK to Gibraltar, from Gibral

Top 10 Tips to get the most from your LBCC event!

The Little Britain Challenge Cup (LBCC) is the premier event for the construction and property industry. Based at Cowes, with racing on the Solent, it regularly attracts several hundred competitors to the race circuit. If you are thinking of entering this year, perhaps for the first time, consider these Top 10 Tips to ensure you have a successful r

5 reasons Sailing is the Ultimate Team Building Activity

A sailing team building day is so much more than just an enjoyable day out – it actually improves team and company performance. Sailing, especially with the added twist of racing, provides the perfect environment to develop a high -performance team. Here’s how...  1.  Breaking Down Barriers. The group team will have to work together thro

Kevlar, Carbon, 3DL...sails explained

Whilst out racing do you ever stop and look at the sails and wish you knew more about them? There are a huge variety of sail cloth types and also a huge variety of sail makers offering the latest design and the latest technology to boat owners. It is literally a minefield! What sail fabric is best for racing? How will the sail will be built? and of