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Robbie Williams does Fastnet 2013

Breaking news - Robbie Williams joins the crew of Buccaneer for the Fastnet 2013!  Beverley from team Buccaneer interviews Robbie... Qu: Why did you decide to race in the Fastnet? Robbie: As an artist I want to sing “Beyond the Sea” in a truly authentic way,  so therefore I have to do some sailing. I figure when I’ve done this I can si

Fastnet Challenge - Who will be King of the Jungle?

Pre-Fastnet Race blog from Neil, crew on Lion Logic. So here we are, within one week of the beginning of the 2013 Rolex Fastnet Race. I am sat here in Copenhagen with my sailing equipment spread on the living room floor on a Sunday afternoon preparing to pack my bags for next week, the big one “The Fastnet”. One thought that cannot escape me thou

RORC Channel Race Report

From Stephan on Puma Logic Team Puma arrived early on Friday evening for a race briefing with our skipper at Banana Wharf, we talked about strategy, winning tides, weather forecast, etc. We were all in bed early and eager to get going. The crew was up at 6.30am and the boat ready to go by 8am. As we left the pontoon to sail to the start line in C

It was a dark and stormy night...

St Malo race Blog from Graham (Jaguar Logic) Another race of light winds, fair weather and sleeping like a baby off watch. Closely monitored weather forecasts and routing software from midweek had been predicting a race time of over 40 hours. The long-range forecasts are predicting more of the same for the Channel Race in two weeks time. Can it be

Phew - what a weekend!

Puma Logic and Jaguar Logic both competed in the RORC De Guingand Bowl, a 120NM race to Guernsey at the weekend. For many yachts this was one of their Fastnet qualifiers, but Puma, skippered by Peter Burwood with Anna W enjoying her first taste of life as a first mate for Sailing Logic, was sailed with a crew of individuals with a mix of inshore an