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Fastnet Day 2 - the games begin!

The yachts in IRC Class 2 were making their way past Land's End around dinner time last night - no doubt peering into the dusk to try to establish if the boats ahead made more progress by going to the North or South of the TSS obstruction no-go zone.  The leaders in the Logic fleet, Scarlet Logic, were locked in a private battle with Quokka,

Fastnet Day 1 – A glorious start!

The ROLEX Fastnet race 2013 couldn’t have had better weather for the race start! Glorious sunshine, 10-15 knots of breeze, perfect. Sailing Logic had 4 high-powered spectator RIBs out on the water allowing family and friends a chance to get up close to the action and wave farewell (temporarily) and to share in the magic on the moment. (Pictur

Armchair Fastnet Racers

With 2 days to go until our 12 teams in the Fastnet 2013 get underway, food is nearly packed, boats are undergoing their final safety checks and decals and race trackers have been collected from the RORC Race Office and with the weather forecast being quite changeable, it obviously needs rechecking every hour! For crews, their sailing kit is sprea

The battle is on!

Blog from Issie on Puma Logic: The racing gauntlet has been thrown down by Team Lion Logic. The final game of the big cats has begun. Team Puma Logic has accepted your challenge… Our "Big Red" is ready to take on your "Whomper". We will battle to the end. We shall race you to The Needles, we shall fight on across the English Channel, and with a g

Fastnet Logic

One of the benefits of competing in the Rolex Fastnet with Sailing Logic is the race-within-a-race competition. As we have a number of boats taking part, none of whom are paid professionals or regular race crew, it makes for more very comparable competition.  There are a number of socials organised as part of the campaign - as everyone knows i