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Slow Progress in the 'Slownet'

With this year's Fastnet being labelled the 'Slow'-net there isn’t a lot of news.  Most of IRC2 have successfully navigated their way around the TSS exclusion zones and are now pointing towards the rock.The wind is still very light and lightweight boats with larger sails will be doing the best.Galahad Logic is still leading the Saili

The TSS Divide - Day 2

Yesterday (Monday) at about 6pm the enormous trimaran Spindrift 2 was the first boat to round the Fastnet Rock.  As dawn broke this morning the first monohull, Comanche, rounded closely followed by the new Rambler 88. The light winds meant both boats struggled to get around keeping clear of the TSS.Meanwhile in IRC2, m

Fastnet 2015 – 24 hours in

After a slow start, with boats drifting across the start line in a particularly undramatic style, the wind did pick up and by the Needles the boats were sailing properly and the crew hiking on the high side. Solent To Needles As the 350 yachts funnelled through Hurst narrows Lancelot (a Sailing Logic charter from some previous Sailing Logi

Presenting the Fastnet Teams

Introducing the 3 Sailing Logic teams of individuals in the Fastnet 2015.    Arthur Logic. A team of individuals racing on our First 40 Arthur, skippered by Nick Martin with George as first mate. Nick skippered Arthur in the Round Ireland Race in 2014 and has skippered the Fastnet for Sailing Logic in 2013, 2011 and 2009.

Florence and the Machine – RORC Channel Race

Race Report from Simon H - Arthur Logic. "This blog begins with the sad news that one of our team members, Frank, has had to withdraw from the Fastnet campaign for personal reasons. This is a blow as we'll miss his strength and concentration in the trimmer team, and perhaps more so even, in the 'socials' at the bars we somehow all find ourselv