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The Wind Game

Memories of the challenging high-wind conditions earlier in the race are now dim and distant as the crews on Arthur remain focussed on dealing with the here-and-now no wind problem.    As in all good offshore races, the team have faced a decision:"Wednesday 10:15 well to be sure, to be sure we are going along Carnlough off the coast of A

Operation Haribo

Latest news from Arthur..."Tuesday 17:22 A divine shift of sun and chatting whilst being quite flat and stable with the great helming of Jon and Ollie. We didn't have much to do bar a gybe with the pole. We're rested and warmed and fed so ready for the next reach. Operation Haribo is in effect. We're about to come close to Palpatine, a CPA o

Still Going

Over the past two days of the Volvo Round Ireland Race, those of us in the office are glued to the tracker and we have noticed a steady stream of yachts retiring. Some strong winds and big waves have wreaked damage on many boats, in fact 1 in 4 boats (25%) in IRC have retired so far.So the crew of Arthur are doing absolutely brilliantly to be still

Half Way

Arthur are now well over half way and no doubt quite happy about continuing to bear away to a more downwind angle.Monday afternoon, Mags reported "Monday 13:21 -  the sun is out and spirits are greatly lifted The Skelligs are looking wonderful. We've had hot food so are gastro delighted. Beared away from the wind a bit and with the heat from

Rolling into Monday

Mag Reports: "Monday 06:08 starts with lovely rollers off the coast of Mizen Head, the most south westerly point of Ireland. Comic events in the kitchen, the fire alarm was going off for Clare but we are super excited about first hot food since Saturday. Wayne's jacket inflated on the rail due to a naughty wave. Luckily we have plenty of s