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ARC 2016 Blog 9

The ARC boats are now well past half way and look like the trade winds are finally filling in. Arthur called us on the sat-phone last night and Skipper Mike reported that morale is high now they are moving along at a good speed and in the right direction! Here's the news from Joanna over the weekend (possibly written before the wind filled in.

ARC 2016 Blog 8

The crazy has kicked in on Arthur Logic. It happens every year but I particularly like this randomness...A dazzling optical experience A tortuous never-ending roundabout  A place where crewmates become friends A relentless racetrack  There are many ways to describe the mid-atlantic at night. At times there's nowhere you'd rat

ARC 2016 Blog 7

The boats have been busy blogging! First up - Arthur LogicOver the last few days we have had the dubious pleasure of experiencing first hand another famous aspect of sailing lore: the doldrums. After crossing the 1000 mile mark on Sunday, we attempted to race South after receiving news that the long awaited trade winds were scheduled to begin

ARC 2016 Blog 6

Joanna have sent us a blog. Arthur are too busy sunbathing and fishing!Hi everyone,  Now we are moving, finally, we are working day and night with changing winds, now on a broad reach heading to St Lucia tomorrow we suggest that we would be half way there.  We are a wonderful crew, it is far out; The nights are clear and warm the

ARC 2016 Blog 5

You wait ages for a blog to come along and then three come at once...First from Tony on Joanna-Sailing on in glorious sunshine and visited by dolphins last night. Food on board is outstanding steak every day. Better than home. Peter the Doc is keeping us all in order and he eats for two. Crew operating like a well polished team / well almost. Ye