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Lancelot Logic crew update

Date, 23rd Oct 2012 - 12.40 Local Time Position, 38’30.771N 013’50.242E Speed, 6.4knots Course, 234’ After rounding Stromboli and picking our way through some more light winds we managed to find a 5 knot NW wind, on a very tight wind angle we where able to fly the A-sail through most of the night making some good gains back on some of the close

RORC Morgan Cup - crew blog from Visit Malta Puma

by Alastair W. I chose Sailing Logic to do the Round Ireland Race which leaves Wicklow in June because of their excellent track record. The RORC Morgan Cup is part of our training programme and was set as a downwind start from Cowes past the Needles to a turning mark off Lulworth Cove, upwind back towards St Catherines Point, downwi

Introduction to Racing Course - by Elisabeth Else

"I came across the “Intro to Racing” course on Sailing Logic’s website when I was looking for something else, but I was intrigued and the thought of it kept coming back to me… A little while later, I was given some money for my birthday and that was the final push. Several of my friends race and I thought it would be nice to understand more about


Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to Dinard ? Well, no, not exactly. The trip was sold as arriving in time for Saturday lunch and The Joker had booked a slap up Restaurant for dinner. We cursed the decision that the race would exit the Solent going east but as we passed St Catherines the rollicking breeze still seemed to promise a tim

Jaguar Logic - Team song!

  Sea-shanty to the tune of 'Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz!"   Oh Allie won't you lend me a Reflex 38, My friends all have first 40s, and we can't finish late We've worked hard on our sailing, in some varied sea states  So Allie can we play on the Reflex 38.   Oh Julian won't you find us a wind strength of 3