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RORC Caribbean 600 2016 Blog 5 – Crew blog and Update from Arthur Logic

By crew member Sue on Arthur Logic: The battle of the Sailing Logic skippers is hotter than ever! Lancelot II were just ahead of us on the water after a long hard night on the rail.  The leg from St Barths to Guadeloupe was in East – South – East wind so it was 16 hours at 45 degrees on a long 140 mile beat averaging between 8 and 10 kn

RORC Caribbean 600 2016 Blog 4 – End of Day 2 Racing and it’s too close to call!

As the two Sailing Logic crews taking part in the RORC Caribbean 600 come to the end of their second day at sea, the racing simply couldn’t be any closer! Since yesterday’s blog, both boats have sailed up through the Anguilla Channel to Tintamerre which is the most northerly point of the course, then they have born away to pass down the eastern

RORC Caribbean 600 2016 Blog 3 - The first 24 hours and its nail biting stuff

At the end of first day of racing, Arthur Logic and Team Vancouver on Lancelot II are neck and neck off the front of Simpson Bay Lagoon in Sint Maarten. After 200 miles of racing, there’s just ½ a mile between them!  Sue on Arthur Logic sent us a quick update – “We had a great start on the pin end out in the best breeze and were 3r

RORC Caribbean 600 2016 Blog 2 - Training Update

They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well, that's just as well because when I asked various crew members for a training update, all I got from literally everyone was "It's amazing!", "Everyone on the team is awesome!" and "Can't talk now, there's a party to go to!". Enjoy these pictures and get ready for tracking watching from 11am Antigua t

RORC Caribbean 600 2016 Blog - Crews arrive in Antigua and training gets under way

16 crew members eager to sail in the beautiful blue clear Caribbean waters assembled in Antigua Yacht Club Marina yesterday morning ready for the first training day of their RORC Caribbean 600 campaign on our two Beneteau First 40’s,  Arthur Logic and Lancelot II. After a safety brief from their skippers, both teams headed out for some pr