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Taittinger Regatta and RORC Channel Race - Another busy Sailing Logic weekend!

What a wonderful weekend the Sailing Logic crews have had! It all started on Friday morning with our Taittinger Regatta teams arriving for a training day. Galahad with David and Justen (the modern day pirate) and Joanna with James and James and their respective crews headed out to get some practice in - and to make sure they were first in to Yarmou

Sailing Acronym Jargon Buster!

When learning to sailing, the amount of odd phrases and bizarre acronyms can be overwhelming – and mastering them can be a slow process. No, a sheet isn’t a sail and the heads aren’t somewhere you want to spend a long time, especially when in a lumpy sea. Well today we’re going to dispel the myths and start picking our way through the more comm

The Sea The Sea!

Final wash-up blog from the wonderful Mags:"The Sea! The Sea!   From birth it has always drawn me, its smell, its pulse, its sound, i's taste, its constant motion. Getting tossed around in the waves, playing in the surf, swimming by the faithful stroke of a world travelled hound, sand castles on the shore, the pounding of a stormy

Bon Voyage to Sharon

As many of you are aware, our Marketing Goddess, Sharon, flew out to Sri Lanka in April to take part in a 2-month Social Enterprise sabbatical. Upon her return to the UK – and encouraged by her enlightenment – she has decided that it’s time to move on and set up her own Marketing and Business Change consultancy. Sharon comments "I'll be re

Wickow here we come

"magleahy: Thursday 11:45 Thankfully we are on the move. Wind speed is 7 knots and boat speed 6.5 knots with a bit of tide against us. Staying east to the Rhumb Line as we are expecting a southerly shift. Less than 50 miles as currently off Drogheda (Ground Hog Day), aiming for late tonight at Wicklow at this point and expecting to make use o