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ARC 2016 Blog 4

Hello Blog Followers! Arthur have been busy catching fish - I imagine the competition is on for the other watch to get one now!!As Team Black Pearl started their  10AM watch, there was nothing to suggest that this would be a day unlike any other.  Everything changed in a heartbeat when the fishing line twitched and jerked violently b

ARC 2016 Blog 3

We have a blog from Joanna! Sounds like the offshore crazy speak has kicked in already. Don't worry - this happens every year at some point!Through the demanding deep dark rainy nights sometime east by bright star light and grey day with only little sunshine, Joanna takes us on a fast sometime wild easy ride in company with dolphins SW. Decide of

ARC 2016 blog 2

Arthur and Joanna are now a few days in to the epic race across the Atlantic with the ARC. They've been busy fishing, sailing, looking at weather routing, getting a suntan but not much blog writing!!Here is the second blog from Arthur-A recurring trait amongst all successful sports teams is healthy internal rivalry. The All Blacks,the inspirati

The ARC is off!!! Blog 1

The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers got underway from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on Sunday lunchtime. We have two First 40s racing - Arthur and Joanna - and we'll be getting regular blogs from the crews (hopefully!!). Here's the first from Arthur...Introducing Team All Black  "The All Black are the most admired sports team in the world. They a

RORC Success

After what can only be described as a rather intense RORC series, we're proud to announce that our crews on Arthur have won not one, but TWO special awards as a result of finishing 3rd in IRC 2.David Fayle Memorial Cup awarded for Season’s Points Championship Best Sailing School YachtandOur First Mate, Jon, has won the Duncan Munro Kerr Youth