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ARC 2016 Blog 6

Joanna have sent us a blog. Arthur are too busy sunbathing and fishing!Hi everyone,  Now we are moving, finally, we are working day and night with changing winds, now on a broad reach heading to St Lucia tomorrow we suggest that we would be half way there.  We are a wonderful crew, it is far out; The nights are clear and warm the

ARC 2016 Blog 5

You wait ages for a blog to come along and then three come at once...First from Tony on Joanna-Sailing on in glorious sunshine and visited by dolphins last night. Food on board is outstanding steak every day. Better than home. Peter the Doc is keeping us all in order and he eats for two. Crew operating like a well polished team / well almost. Ye

ARC 2016 Blog 4

Hello Blog Followers! Arthur have been busy catching fish - I imagine the competition is on for the other watch to get one now!!As Team Black Pearl started their  10AM watch, there was nothing to suggest that this would be a day unlike any other.  Everything changed in a heartbeat when the fishing line twitched and jerked violently b

ARC 2016 Blog 3

We have a blog from Joanna! Sounds like the offshore crazy speak has kicked in already. Don't worry - this happens every year at some point!Through the demanding deep dark rainy nights sometime east by bright star light and grey day with only little sunshine, Joanna takes us on a fast sometime wild easy ride in company with dolphins SW. Decide of

ARC 2016 blog 2

Arthur and Joanna are now a few days in to the epic race across the Atlantic with the ARC. They've been busy fishing, sailing, looking at weather routing, getting a suntan but not much blog writing!!Here is the second blog from Arthur-A recurring trait amongst all successful sports teams is healthy internal rivalry. The All Blacks,the inspirati