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ARC Day Whatever - They've arrived!!

After 16 days and 20 hours, Arthur and her intrepid crew have safely arrived in St Lucia! A brilliant effort by the entire team. We think they've been busy celebrating the brilliant effort quite a bit because we haven't managed to get anyone to write a 'we've arrived' blog or even send us a team photo! We spoke to Liz who described the emotion

ARC Day 15 - Blog from the boat by Mark - Nearly there!

Arthurians count down the miles and time to the finish line at St. Lucia.At 2030 UT another milestone went past, 250 miles to go. [Ed - just 139nm to go by the time I published the blog]An eventful day or so of sailing.  Sunday the wind was between 5 and 30 knots so lots of work for Ollie on the foredeck changing the sail plan.There were two s

ARC Day 13 - Blog from the boat by Mark

We are just about to cross a marker of 800 miles to go to St Lucia. The sky is blue, the swell is pleasant and unchoaotic, the wind is about the right strength and directions- life is good on Arthur. Excellent food continues, two courses for lunch today, frankfurters and pasta with carbonara. We've had to slow down on our cups of tea though, down t

ARC Day 10 - Blog from the boat - We've gybed!

Today we started our 1,000 mile gybe to the finish line.  Last night we spent much of the night sailing in the complete dark without the moon and with a fair amount of cloud cover plus rolling waves – talk about sailing by your senses and the instruments! A fair amount of intense concentration was needed but nothing that can’t be fuelled b

ARC Day 9 - Blog from the boat by Antonio - We have wind!

Another day at sea.  1450 miles to go.  Jochen’s iphone still missing.  Last seen 100 miles off Las Palmas.  After denial he has reached a new stage of bereavement: acceptance. Search within the boat almost over.  Investigation ongoing to find out culprit, led by Antonio Cluseau assisted by Pudsey.  Chief suspect