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ARC Day 8 - We caught a fish!!!

We caught a fish ! Apparently it’s a 5kg Mahi Mahi and we’re planning to have it for lunch today. There was more wind last night and the crew’s spirits were lifted as the boats speed rose to levels that would see us getting into St Lucia before Christmas. However wind has now dropped again this morning so we’re back to low single digit speeds.

ARC Day 7 - Blog from the Boat by another Anon

Beautiful sunset last evening with the sun slowly disappearing behind an almost surreal cloud formation.  The night though was frustrating with little wind but even so we made steady if slow progress in roughly the right direction.  Another bright moonlight and dry night.  Today has been gloriously sunny.  We’ve managed to d

ARC Day 6 - Blog from the boat by Anon

12 knots heading south-west, reckon we’ll make it to Brazil :-)!  We’re heading further south to see if we can pick up stronger winds.  The spinnaker has been up and down over the past 24 hours, currently sailing along well.  A few squalls overnight added to the fun along with almost no moon visible, thankfully we’ve all eaten c

Between the ARC Blogs - Meet the Crew!

Good Morning from Arthur Logic.  We have just left Las Palmas on what will be an adventure of a life time. My crew is made up of an amazing group of individuals who are all here for their own unique reasons. For some, it’s the adventure, for others to disconnect from the busy place of the modern world. To enjoy a world without email, TV,

ARC Day 4 - From the boat by Mark

At Thursday lunchtime we now have crossed a milestone, less than 2000 miles to go to St Lucia.  The last day was a mixed bag, wind up and down, mainly down.  We’re now accustomed to looking behind, hoping for clouds, even rain, if it brings wind.  In our home waters the crew get excited about being in 20 knots; in the Atlantic af