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Rock & Roll - Arthur's 2015 Fastnet Race

The Fastnet Race fleet departs from Cowes on the Isle of Wight, before heading out southwest through the Solent and down the south of England, passed Lands End, before turning up northwest across the Irish sea to the very southern tip of Ireland and Fastnet Rock Lighthouse. Turning around the Rock, the yachts then head back down across the Iris

Fastnet 2015 - It's All Over

After 4 months of training, planning, preparation, learning, sailing, learning some more, finally the Rolex Fastnet 2015 campaign is all over. It’s been brilliant. Sailing Logic’s 3 teams of individuals on board Arthur Logic, Galahad Logic and Winston Logic have done it – they have all qualified for and competed in the famous Rolex Fastnet

No Wind, Wind, Sun, Rain, Dolphins and a Rock

After the early stages of the race involved bobbing around with little momentum, sailors are being kept on their toes now!  Overnight conditions have changed from Caribbean-esque to weather more typical of the Irish Sea; overcast, windy and raining. Unlike most previous years, the delay has meant all our Fastnet crews have all rounded the rock

Galahad Around The Rock

This morning, Galahad Logic rounded the rock! Whoop whoop!! They are the first of the Sailing Logic boats to make it around, still holding on to 20th in class.The wind has built to 15 knots and with a an 8 knot boat speed, the crews will really feel like they are stretching their legs, able to finally get moving and get trimming! The team look

Slow Progress in the 'Slownet'

With this year's Fastnet being labelled the 'Slow'-net there isn’t a lot of news.  Most of IRC2 have successfully navigated their way around the TSS exclusion zones and are now pointing towards the rock.The wind is still very light and lightweight boats with larger sails will be doing the best.Galahad Logic is still leading the Saili